Parent FAQs

‌Do you have questions about registration? Attendance? How to check your student's grades? You are not alone! Click the links below and view the sidebar information to find answers to these, and other, common questions. 



The Anchorage School District announces the 2018 attendance program, a call to action for ASD high school students. BP has contributed $12,600 for the year-long program, rewarding high school students who come to school every day for 10 days with a chance to win $100 throughout the school year!



How to Register a Student at East

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Even if your student has already been enrolled with the Anchorage School District, they need to register at their school every year. There are several ways to register your student.


Online registration

During the summer, you can use ParentConnection to register your student for the upcoming fall semester. For online registration instructions, click here. ASD's Back to School page also has detailed information on dates and times for online registration as well as registering in person.


Registering in person at East

To register in person at East, we need: 

1. Proof of residency in the East High attendance area showing address of parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

      • We can use: Current bill (i.e. gas, electric, cable) addressed to parent or legal guardian, purchase or lease agreement, or utility hook-up agreement.
      • We cannot use: Checkbook, written rental receipt, state ID or driver's license, mail addressed to "occupant" or to someone other than the parent or legal guardian.

2. Updated immunization (shot) records.

3. Current transcript with grades and credits earned to date. Proof that student has matriculated from the 8th to 9th grade for 9th graders entering from a school outside of the Anchorage School District. (This may be faxed to our office at 907-742-2134.)

4. Discipline records reflecting any out-of-school disciplinary actions or the absence of such actions.

5. Notarized statement giving temporary legal guardianship to the individual(s) with whom the student will be residing if the student is not residing with a parent.

6. Copy of birth certificate.


Questions? Please contact our Registrar's office at 907-742-2172.



How to Withdraw a Student from East

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Whether your student is transferring to another school in ASD, Alaska, or out of state, they first need to be withdrawn from East. To withdraw your student:

    1. Please call the Curriculum Office (742-2172 or 742-2178) and notify them that your student will be changing schools. We will need to hear from a parent/guardian.
    2. Student should come to the Curriculum Office the morning of his/her final day at East to obtain a Withdrawal Checklist.
    3. Student will return all textbooks and sports uniforms.
    4. Student will clean out locker.
    5. Student will clear any fines.
    6. Student will return the Withdrawal Checklist to the Curriculum Office.
    7. Upon receipt of the Withdrawal Checklist, Curriculum will exit the student and provide him/her with the necessary paperwork to register at his/her next school.

Please be aware that your student will not be able to register at another school until he/she has been withdrawn from East!


Questions? Please contact our Registrar's office at 907-742-2172 or 907-742-2178.


How to Report an Absence

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Full day absence: The easiest way to report a full day absence for your student is to use East's Automated Attendance phone line at (907) 566-2002. You will be asked to leave your name, your student's name and school ID number, and the date of the absence. Please speak clearly!


Partial day absence: If you need to excuse your student for part of a day (e.g. for a doctor's appointment), they must have a note signed by their parent/guardian. The student should bring the note to the Attendance office. The office staff will issue the student a blue pass excusing the student out of class at the proper time.


If you have questions or concerns about your student's attendance, please check Zangle ParentConnection or call the school number at (907) 742-2100, and choose option 2 to speak to someone in Attendance. For more information on how to use Zangle ParentConnection, see the FAQ on this page.


How to Excuse a Tardy/Detention

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East High attendance policy is to give detentions to students who are late to class. If your student needs to be excused for arriving late to school, they must have a note signed by their parent/guardian. The student should bring the note to the Attendance office, where they will be given a pass to excuse them into class without receiving a detention. If your student has already received a detention, they should staple it to their note when they turn it in so it can be excused.


What is ParentConnection and how can I use it?

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Zangle ParentConnection allows parents to check school information about their students. Parents can use this tool to contact teachers, get class news and monitor their student's assignments, attendance and grades. ParentConnection can also be used to add money to your student's lunch account, to register for school, and to pay fees.


Parents may also have student information sent to them by email. See the "Notifications" tab in the upper right of the ParentConnection home web page for email settings.